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Nicky is a well-established artist based in Devon and has exhibited both in the UK and abroad.


Following a Ceramics degree, Nicky worked in theatres, on film and in television for a number of years as a prop designer and maker. She worked on plays including "High Society" and "The Coventry Mystery Plays", on the famous Liverpool series "Brookside" and the hit movie "Blonde Fist" written and directed by Frank Clarke.


Nicky has always painted and drawn and in 1992, following a move to Holland, started to paint and draw full time. She now has a portfolio of over 70 limited edition prints, open prints and original works. Her work is available in different mediums and on her own homewares ranges.


She believes you have a moral duty to remain optimistic and is known as a marvellous colourist. Nicky paints in Ecoline and draws in pastel, conte crayon and graphite pencil. All of her work has a 3-dimensional, sculpted feel to it as she sculpts imagery with a paintbrush or pencil on watercolour paper. Birds, fish, flowers and reptiles feature in her colour menagerie portfolio. Nicky’s work is unique, a visual feast, full of colour and narrative and reflects her sense of the ridiculous. Inspiration is found in everyday life, history, literature and other cultures.

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Please contact Nicky Stevenson on

07985 282107 or

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